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We provide large metallic decorative LED light up words and letters that are sure to excite, captivate and amaze your guests as well as make for breathtaking photos you will cherish for a lifetime! Our lights are meant for every occasion to transform the room! From Weddings to Birthdays, Baby Showers to Bridal Showers, they provide the perfect backdrop and WOW factor for your special event!

Standing in at 3 feet tall, the metal lights span anywhere from 8 feet to 15 feet long and were lovingly handcrafted and carefully coated with a crisp satin white paint. Each word or letter is assembled with warm white LED bulbs which not only provides a soft white ambient glow, but takes away any risk of a blown lightbulb!

You can read more about the lights and how the work under the FAQ’s section of this page.  If you have any further questions feel free to call or drop an email below!

Be sure to check out our Facebook & Instagram pages for more of YOUR spectacular photos from YOUR events!
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Candid shot of owner Theresa Cetnar with her husband Kyle
on their Wedding Day 11-10-2017